• A healthy snack for your kids lunch boxes
  • Your daily chocolate decadent treat
  • A natural 'pick me up' alternative to coffee or sugar
  • Your energising boost before a yoga or gym session
  • Your afternoon energy lift or breakfast booster
  • Feed your body nutrients, minerals and antioxidants 
  • Wake up your body, open your heart and focus your mind

We believe eating yummy chocolate should be a 'guilt free', nutritious, satisfying and energy sustaining experience.
Good news raw chocolate is super healthy! 

Bliss Superfood Snacks offer 'feel good' raw chocolate treats that are healthy for the body, heartmind and soul. Each flavour is packed with a different combination of organic cacao, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, cashew nuts, dates, raisins, maca, hemp, ginseng, foti, rose geranium, wild blue green algae and essential oils.  They are made from top quality organic superfoods. We are happy providing delicious 'guilt free' raw chocolate snacks that are full of antioxidants and nutrients. The Bliss Ladies meditate in the mornings infusing the 'bliss essence' of 'health and happiness' into each Bliss Snack. Our wish is for the raw superfood snacks we make to add a happy 'bliss moment' in your day!



The BLISS Ball Fan Club...

"My daughters and I LOVE your products - their favourite is the PowerBoost Bar which I happily give them for school as a "snack", knowing that it is a nutritious powerful vibrant *meal in a bar* :-) May you grow from strength to strength."

Charissa (Working Mother)

"The combination of Superfoods and Superherbs found in bliss balls work synergistically in my body to increase my energy on my travels. I love using the wild blue green algae ball for mental clarity when presenting a training and I need that extra edge."

Werner (Sales Manager and Farther of twins)

"Our family eats Bliss Balls every week, mainly because they are super delicious and don't have any junk in them (really nothing, they are even organic!).

We find them convenient for our boys snack boxes and they are always getting offers to trade them, which they don't as they know how lucky they are to get them!

But then there is the superfoods and superherbs that the bliss ladies add as well, this just takes a delicious snack to the next level, I find they help with focus and concentration as well as providing a powerful nutritional package. I really value that when I'm working and feel good giving them to my boys as well."

Noel (Entrepreneur & Father)

"I eat Bliss Bars when I'm on the run! There is so much goodness in the Bliss Bar, it is like a meal in a bar. It helps me with my afternoon pick me ups."

Lucinda (Entrepreneur and Mother)

"When I need a kick to focus on my homework, then I will choose the Blue Green Algae Bliss Balls.

When I'm feeling a bit sad I choose the Happy Heart Bliss Balls or sometimes when my heart is full I eat them too!"

Chryssea (Waldorf School student)

"I am 29 weeks pregnant and obsessed with your bliss balls…I go on Bliss Ball hunts!"

Candice (Mother)

"I love how the Bliss Balls come in a pack of two…I like to share the VibrantlyAlive Bliss Balls with my boyfriend when we go out on our date night, they bring us into sensual delight :-) !"

Michelle (Mother and Therapist)

"I stocked up on Bliss Balls for my Camino Pilgrimage…they gave me the sustainable energy I needed to walk all those km’s every day. They are also super delicious and nutritious!"

Christopher (Sportsman & IT Specialist)

"Last weekend I went to a party and i danced all night without drinking alcohol, I ate Bliss Balls instead and felt really good!"

Samantha (University Student)

"Bliss balls are blessings to my day. I was fond of the original orange-wrapper Bliss Ball offering and found myself nourished, energised and ready for life without feeling full and heavy from a meal. The perfect snack; specially before teaching or practising yoga in a heated room, I have found that what one chooses to eat has a direct effect on one's breath capacity, flow of movement and ability to be present.

Once the new range of Bliss Balls arrived I was in Heaven! Most studios I teach at stock them and they became another door to my heart before entering the class - the pretty pink wrapper became synonymous with dropping into my heart.

Dependant on my energy levels, I would sometimes choose the gorgeous green wrapper to give me that extra Go! when I needed it most.

Such gratitude for these delightful and delicious balls; that they are now so widely available in studios and shops makes the decision to be conscious of what I put into my body that much easier."

Zo (Yoga Teacher and Mother)

Bliss Balls are a delicious chocolate snack. They are just the write amount. They satisfy my chocolate cravings…when I eat chocolate i usually eat the whole slab, feel guilty and then want more. Where as when I eat a pack of Bliss Balls I am satisfied and I am eating something healthy for my body. 

Shani (Financial Consultant)